ZuZu says…

I was discussing the 90 day challenge with a coworker today and we got on the discussion of water, and the copious amounts it is deemed to be healthy a person should drink per day.

Me: Crossfit says, you should drink half your body weight, in oz.

Co-worker: You say that a lot lately, ‘Crossfit says..’

Me: Kinda like ZuZu, in It’s a Wonderful Life, ‘Teacher says…’

I’ll admit, its been a rough week, getting back into my routine after having been blessed to have a majority of the Holidays off. I was reading some of my fellow 90 Day Blogger posts, and it helps to see that they too have been struggling, particularly with lack of sleep. I’m loving the blogs, by the way, makes me feel even more connected to the community and the goal.

Viv says she found she was sleeping upside down! I cant fall asleep either. My OCD… OCD… kicks in and I can’t seem to find the switch to turn my brain, OFF. Also, I’ve been getting headaches at work. I keep trying to tell myself that this is all the sugary Holiday cheer draining out of my system, as I make my way back to healthy and whole. I hope this is the case.

Overall, eating healthy has never really been an issue for me. Luckily, I am drawn to do so. At work I’m known as one of those annoying coworkers, who forgoes the doughnuts and trips to McDonalds, and generally brings her own salad. Or ‘little rabbit foods’ as one such co-worker describes it. It’s the cheat days that I have an issue with. Weekends in particular. I love wine. Red wine. Joseph Carr Cabernet if you’re in the neighborhood and feeling whimsical. Accompany it with a really nice long drawn out dinner with friends. Hmmm…

I adore potato chips. Last night a friend and I were reveling via text in the idea of crispy greasy golden salty fries, dipped in a chocolate shake.

Can I get fired for this?

Nevertheless. Here’s what’s really been cooking in my kitchen. (See pic above.) It’s been a wonderful go to on these colder nights, for right when I get home from work. Surprisingly, making butternut squash soup from scratch is pretty simple. And once you make a batch, it lasts for days.

Cooking more, cooking real whole healthy foods from scratch, taking the time to do so and learning about alternates and ingredients, that is one particular joy that I am gleaning since finding Crossfit.

I found the recipe here: Butternut Squash Soup

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