WOD’ing…into the sunset

Ahoy! Adventure awaits! I’m embarking on a journey, driving south to FL. Taking 81 south, through Charlotte. Stopping in Savannah to visit my BFF for a few days. She promises to greet me when I finally arrive with a (close your eyes) chocolate martini. I’ve been fortunate to traverse this beautiful country from East to West and vise versa, but never NY to FL. Very much looking forward to the trip.

Here’s the thing; I’m determined to continue with my current M.O. generated by the 90-DC. Even during some R & R. I’m committed to staying, well, committed. Fortunately, there are some great WODs for the Road posted on the ACF website.

Additionally, being a perpetual googler, there’s two Crossfits, located close to where I’ll be staying in FL. One in Welly, the other PBI. My co-worker suggested I show up and hit the WOD’s hard down there, and then ride off into the sunset. Errrr, I’ll do the best I can.

One primary concern, what to eat on the drive. I’m thinking coffee, copious amounts of water, nuts, beef jerky, green apples. Not necessarily in that particular order.

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