Chest OUT.. damnit

Hit the 5:45am WOD today. I know. I know. Stars must be misalligned or something. But the jou jou was excellent.  Thanks Niki, Kim and Brett.


Group Dynamic


I.  Tall Cleans

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Completed: @ 65lbs.

II. 3 rounds For Time:

50 Front Squats (45lbs)

20 Pullups

20 Ring Dips

Completed: Albiet, I scaled the Front Squats to 40, BUT using the BLUE bar (35lbs) which is a major kudo for yours truly.  Movin’ on up (moooovin’ on up)… to the blue baaaarrr….


Again, thought I might pass out.  The double-wide starting to close in around me.  Is this normal? I feel like I’m getting weaker, yet stronger. Is that possible? Oh, go on with your bad self, CrossFit, making me all confused, and stuff.

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