All’s Quiet in the Triple Wide

It was quiet today when I walked into CF Triple Wide. Well, quieter than usual. I found it soothing. For the most part it was a strength training WOD. Never tried a split jerk before. Thought it would be awkward, but then discovered otherwise. Found the move to be fairly natural, and comfortable.


Split Jerk Practice


I. In 10 Minutes:

Work Up to a Heavy Split Jerk

II. 6 Sets:

5 Push Presses

AMRAP Pullups

Rest 3 Minutes Between Sets

III. For Time:

500 Meter Row

Completed: Part I – Split Jerk warm up @ 55lbs. Part II – 6 sets of Push Presses @ 65lbs. and 15 Ring Pull Ups. Part III – 500 Meter Row @ 1:52.

Couple of things. I think I’m starting to wimp out on my weight. Need to start pushing myself more. I push myself aerobically, but when it comes to the weights, as much as I enjoy it, there’s some fear there.

On another note, when I visited the ACF site tonight to copy down the official WOD for today, the WOD for Friday was already posted. Take a look if you dare. I’m going to bask in the soothing remnants of my Thursday, and enjoy it for now. Tomorrow is another day.

Lastly, and we’re all friends here, right? It’s the Eve before my 43rd Birthday. Tonight I’m home with Oliver, indulging in all my favorite past-times; reading, assessing my CF progress, filling my Nordstrom shopping bag, and getting ready to go to sleep. How times have changed. It’s pretty normal to assess where you’re at in life when these milestones roll up, on, and over us. To me, Birthdays have always been a mixed bag, kind of like the Holidays, especially once you get older. As I write this, on the eve of my birthday, and with the Holidays a month in the rearview, I can tell you that I feel incredibly blessed for so many things in my life.