You Can Do This.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary 

I was really tired today. Low energy. But, the one thing that CF keeps teaching me, is that Yes, You Can Do This. This lesson is relentless.

I get into class, the coach starts going over the WOD and demonstrating movements, and I start to panic. ‘There is no WAY I can do that,’ I think. “100 Burpees.. 100 box jumps, Yeah right.” But, what am I going to do? Walk out of class? Thankfully, no, not yet.

Then sure enough, it’s 3,2,1.. GO! And we’re off. And somehow, each time, every time, I make it through. Not the fastest, or the strongest, or the most graceful. But I finish. And somehow in that miraculous hour, I’m reduced to nothing but me and the task at hand, and I finish. I’m on the ground, and up in the air, and lifting and pushing, and sweating, and grunting, and thinking I can’t do another rep, and somehow I do, I just do. And THAT, to me, is Crossfit. You just do it. Miraculously. And its starting to apply to so many other areas of my life. The discipline from CF is trickling through.

The ability to see through to the other side and know eventually, somehow, I will get there. The journey may not be pretty, and it certainly won’t be easy, but you just put your head down and do it. And its in the doing it, that I find the absolute best parts of myself.


Group Dynamic


I. For Time:

21 – 15 – 9

Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Box Jumps (24/20)


II. Gasser Fun

Completed: in just under the 10 minute mark. Kettle Bell swings at 30lbs. That’s a PR. The Gasser portion of class. What a blast! It’s like being back in gym class in the 3rd grade, running and jumping and team tag relay. Cheering one another on and hoping to win! Go Team!

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