on a whim

Learning some things about my diet. Think I’ve been too strict lately. Lots of veggies, some fruit, half protein. Teaspoons of dairy, teaspoons of sugar, spartanly here and there. But overall, energy level low recently. Then, on a whim, I stopped at PF Changs and had some sesame chicken and broccoli. With extra broccoli. Lunch portion. Allowed myself to enjoy the home made sauces, did not eat the egg drop soup, or the brown rice, which came with my lunch order. I ate every last piece of chicken, and extra broccoli, and dipped each and every piece in the homemade sauce. Was there sugar in the sauce, or dairy, or gluten, no idea. But, gave me a spike in something. Crap. Maybe it was just the fact that its friday. Either way. Something else to have for lunch that’s take-out, that’s not Chipotle.


Russian Gymnastics Warm-Up – Day 1


I. With a partner complete:

Row 250m (Each)

100 Air Squats

Row 250m

80 Push Press (65/45)

Row 250m

60 Pullups

Row 250m

40 Burpees

Row 250m

*Only one person can work at a time. While one partner is moving, the other is holding a plank. Both partners need to complete the 250m row before moving on to the next movement. Divide the reps any way you want.

Completed: 26:02. Okay, so this was a blast. Karateee, kung fu. Funny how you work harder when you have a partner and don’t want to let that person down. Thanks Ruth for not letting me down. Thanks for allowing me not to let you down.

II. Foam Rolling

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