A New Horizon

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”~ Alan Kay

There’s been a lot of talk over at the 90DC Group on FB. Seems we’re all struggling with motivation. A bit of a mid-90 Day Challenge Sag. Including from yours truly. I’m cycling through a train of thought that looks something like this; ‘That doughnut looks tasty. I don’t feel like eating healthy today. I’m tired. I don’t have the energy for today’s WOD. I can skip one, or two. We still have a month to go. I’ll make up the difference on Wednesday.’

But what’s really true, if we choose to really plug in: There will be no end to the WOD’s or the parade of doughnuts within reach. And even though there IS a definitive end to the 90DC. There is NO finish-line in life. Except, well, you know. But everything leading up to that point, it’s a freaking marathon. Simple as that. So what we’re really trying to do here is, be the best version of ourselves we can be.  Jason summed this up really well on 2/16. I want to be that ideal self. Every day. How to get there from here? Of all the comments on FB, Katie’s spoke to me the most, ‘Reassess and set new goals to give you a ‘new’ focus.’

Today was one of those days. I hit TWO PR’s. On one of them, the Deadlift, honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I counted, and recounted, and penciled and scribbled, and pulled the weights off and put them back on and checked and rechecked, just to make sure I was reading them correctly and doing the math right. Turns out. I was. And oh what a feeling.


Joint Mobility


I. “CrossFit Total”

Establish 1 Rep Max for Each of the Following:

Back Squat



*Max 3 attempts per lift

Completed: 2k row warm-up in 8:55. (PR!) Back squat RM @ 145lbs. Press @ 45lbs. Deadlift @ 205lbs. (Second PR for the day!) After a very helpful conversation with Brett about my left shoulder issues, I’m learning its the Press that’s the aggregator and really giving it issue. Will have to discuss this further with the doc next week. All very helpful.

My goals have been reassessed for me. New Personal Records. The Horizon never looked so good.

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