Spreading the Love – one box at a time

“It takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye.” ― Anurag Gupta

Across the river and through the woods. Met up with BFF, T, after work on Friday, and hit the WOD in her hood, Collar City Crossfit. T’s actually been CF’ing longer than me, except now my eyes no longer cross at the mention of Sumo Deadlift Hang Press, or Back Squat. Shout out to Collar City, thanks for the hospitality!


I. 2012 CrossFit Open WOW 3

Complete as Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 18 Minutes of:

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

12 Push Press (115/75)


Completed: 7 rounds, plus 2 box jumps. Push press @ 45lbs. Stuck on the Push Press between 45 and 55lbs. Gotttttttta break through this barrier at some point. Toes to mid-air-thingy.

If you think about it, it’s pretty freaking amazing that you can walk into just about any CF, anywhere, and know what to do. Collar City is the second box I’ve visited outside of home. Crossfit Wellington being the first. It can be nerve wracking walking into a foreign place, to do something very personal, with perfect strangers. But, when its 3,2,1, Go… and the WOD starts, we all speak the same language.

After the WOD, T and I did something I swore I would not do, go out to dinner. Cause I was trying to Zone, or IF, or some other acronym I can’t quite remember at this point. Doesn’t matter. So glad I relaxed, and went out to dinner, and enjoyed good company. And learned about Bronies. (To quote BFF, Aspen, who so eloquently summed it up when learning of the Bronies; ‘Bwaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!’)  Still managed to stay relatively healthy with a vegetarian dinner order, although there were some legumes and brown rice on my plate. Not very primal. But alas it’s Friday during Lent, so no meat. Trying to eat Paleo on a Friday during Lent can be limiting. Wait, which guidelines am I following again?

The good news, was home in bed by 10:30. Although woke up at 5am. And Saturday’s are usually WOD days. But, have hit a WOD the last five days in a row, so feeling the need for a day off. But, was still tired. And felt very, very hungry. And started combing the kitchen for food, not wanting to hit the grocery store in my pjs. Needless to say, as I was staring down at the PANCAKES slowly cooking in the pan on the stove top in front of me, I thought; ‘What the heck an I doing??’ I tossed the half cooked-cake, and the batter, and the box, drank some water and promptly went back to sleep. Disaster averted. Because I’m feeling good. And do not want to crash this ship ashore. Because that’s how it happens, slowly, almost without notice. And this is not about the 90DC, or IF, or WTF? IDK.

Its about me feeling good, making choices that support who I am, not who I want to someday be. But, who I am right now. And that person, right now, is healthy, strong, light, happy, and spreading the CF love one WOD at a time. Pancakes not included.

Post Script – Brony Mantra: “I’m gonna’ love and tolerate the shit outta you.”

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