Paleo Choc chip cookies


Been craving sweets. So while I didn’t follow through with the pancake this morning (because what I was really after was a means to eat butter and maple syrup), the craving has not subsided. Alas, enter the recipe above, a trip to Honest Weight, and $40 in ingredients later, errrrr…voila!

I’m not a baker. So I just didn’t have the ingredients on hand, like $10 Almond meal, or equally spendy Mac Oil, dark Choc chips, or Algave. I also spent some time in the ‘gluten free’ section reading the ingredients of the approx. 87 different types of gluten free flour. Wow. Holy good golly, had no idea. Gluten free flour is made from all sorts of combinations of different things, like soy, corn, and rice.

The cookies are pretty good. I’d share some, but…