status quo

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” ― Marlene Dietrich

Not much to say, other than it’s Monday, it was beautiful outside, and if I don’t stop living like a hermit I’m going to implode. Need to go on vacation, stay out past 11, stop reporting for duty, and lay a temporary waste to what is currently my routine. For it is only in dismantling that I can happily return to, and function within, for the majority.


I. Front Squat

7 – 7 – 7

Completed: first round at 65lbs, then 85lbs, then 95lbs. This last one might be a PR. Form still needs work. Due time. Due time.

II. 4 Rounds For Time:

10 Handstand Pushups with Wall

10 Strict Pullups

10 Pistols (Right Leg)

10 Pistols (Left Leg)

*20 Minute Time Cap

Completed: 11:23. Pistols scaled to squats, 20 per round, with feet together, focusing on getting full depth and knees out. HSPU scaled to Ring Pull Ups, etc.

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