Summersaults and leapfrog

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ― Lao Tzu

So, when was the last time you did a summersault, or a backwards summersault for lack of a better term?

Or how about a game of leapfrog? When was the last time you did one of those? Outside, with other people (cause that’s how it works). On a sunny afternoon. If you asked me I’d tell you I did summersaults, both forward and back, and played a game of leapfrog just this afternoon. Approx. 5:01pm today. On one of the first warm days of Spring. I think there might have even been some unicorns.


Practice Forward Rolls and Backward Rolls for 10 Minutes


I. 3 Rounds For Time:

Row 300 meters

20 Wallballs (20/14)

10 Pullups

*12 Minute Time Cap

Completed: In 9:24. Wallballs at 14lbs. Yes, yes, still at ring pull ups. Laura very awesomely pointed out I’m doing Wallballs at 14lbs. That’s RX! Like, whoa. Never thought about it like that.

III. Flexibility and Recovery:

Hold Pancake Split – 5 minutes

Hold Pike Stretch – 3 minutes

Hold Middle Split – 2 minutes

Gasser Fun: After the WOD today, KeHo led the class outside and into rounds of tag team relay, sprinting, squats, jogging, and then finished with a game of leap frog home. 14 adults, leapfrogging through the parking lot. Don’t mind us.

Post Script: Caleb threw down the blogging gauntlet today. Duly noted. Please hold.