incessant CF blah blah’ing..and 5K

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

On Thursday the WOD was to run a 5K. I didn’t make it to CF on Thursday. ACF offers 10 classes per day, TEN. Nay, I still found a long list of what seemed like pretty darn good reasons throughout the day as to why I couldn’t hit the WOD on Thursday. But the seedling for the 5K was planted.

And so, after a long day in the office today, and getting home, and even hitting a short nappy-poo, and contrary to every best effort put forth from my well-stocked arsenal on how to not go running… I couldn’t avoid the challenge any longer. I loaded up the doggy and headed over to the Crossings. Shiet. Just, couldn’t, help myself. The seed was planted, I had to know. Had to see for myself what all these months of training, and 90-DC’ing and ACF’ing, and WOD’ing, and Zoning, and Acronym’ing, and Paleo’ing, and obsessing, and pushing even my most closest of relationships to the brink with incessant Crossfit blah blah’ing, have finally culminated into.

So, there I was, out in the dark and the cold, with my trusty co-pilot, Oliver, pounding out my first 5K since the Turkey Trot in November. Four long dark months ago.

The results?

Distance: 3.13 miles. Time: 31:27. Best pace: 9:52. Avg.: 10:03 mile. Absolutely un-fnn-belieable. I abhor running. I can bike 100 miles, but do NOT ask me to jog down the street. But suddenly, I can run. Who knew.

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