pixy dust

I wondered out loud today, via text, to my MN BFF, if CF sprinkles a daily dose of Pixy Dust about the triple-wide. Because not sure what it is, but it never fails, I walk through the door pre-WOD feeling anxious stressed and uncertain, and walk out the door, post-WOD, feeling calm, relieved, and serene. Really? Who has such power? CF does. And I didn’t even kick particular CF-ass today. Nope, just another day duking it out in the triple-wide.


I. Power Clean (135/95) Volume Ladder

*With a continuously running clock do 1 Power Clean the first minute, 2 Power Cleans the second minute, 3 Power Cleans the third minute and so on…  Continue that progression until you are no longer able to maintain that pace.

Completed: at 75lbs. Funny how during minute one it feels like you could kick ass from now until the end of time. Minute 10, which was my last round to duke it out, was an epic struggle as the form fell a part. Made it through 10 rounds plus 7. That’s 62 total reps. Errr… right?

II. 5 Rounds for total time:

10 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 10 Sit-Ups, 10 Squats – rest 20 seconds

Completed: 4 rounds only. Ran out of time. No worries, feel good and refueled by pixy dust.

III. Stretching and Flexibility:

Hold Side Split for 5 Minutes

Hold Middle Split for 5 Minutes

Tomorrow might be the first day of the rest of a portion of my dream-come-true life.

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