impervious chutzpah

This is Oliver’s new bunny.

Pretty sure Oliver knows it’s a new bunny because he’s walking around the house like it’s Christmas Morning. The dog might be in love with said new, bunny. He might even call it, George.

Bunny’s label promised a stuffed toy of the extra indestructible type. Let’s hope so. The purple rhino (RIP Purple Rhino!) didn’t last very long. And the pile of regurgitated purple rhino stuffing was a surprise treat.

I like the new bunny. He seems strong, fit, tear resistant, sturdy and impervious to being shredded from the inside out.

Just gonna say, I’m sad the 90-DC has come to a close. More like a mourning, another chapter closing. When it first started on January 1, the finish line of March 31 seemed so, so far away. Untouchable. And I clung to it. The 90-DC was always in the back of my mind, this confirmed goal, committed to and giving me that last piece of needed CHUTZPAH (original goog word: ‘hootspa’) to commit, really commit, and mean it.

Odd how the 90-DC has ended and my strict diet has gone on what I hope is only a couple day hiatus. I’m still hitting the WOD’s, but my food has been dairy, sugar and gluten rich….. mmmm… gluten. It’s terrible really. And I’m feeling kinda shitty, physically. Sugar is making me restless. I’ll bring this ship back into port, soon. Have to. Don’t want to lose all momentum. Just understanding now how in control of my body I was during the 90-DC, tuned in like never before, and now, as more and more of the slack is let out, I’m losing more and more control. A part of me, detaching. A large part of me

Today during the WOD, worked on Sucks. And as we were asked as a class specifics Sucks we might like to work on, I raised my hand and said, all of the above. So true. So many Sucks, so little time. I have the next four days off from work. Hard earned after hard work. I’m looking forward to hitting Fran as part of the finale of the 90-DC, and using the time to regroup, get some sleep, and continue on to another level not ever seeming possible before.

And then there’s Oliver’s new bunny rabbit. Impervious. Full of Chutzpah. We like the new bunny in town.

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