Just learned I placed 8th in the 90DC. The only thing I can say, other than Holy $Q$#@%#@$!#!@$@#$!$#&^%$#@!# I’m SO HAPPY, is that the boundless good things that have come into my life since discovering CF are immeasurable. CF has changed the way I look at things. It has taught me to finish what I start no matter how difficult it may seem in the moment.

Suddenly I can see through to the other side.


I. Deadlift

3 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1

Completed: First, a shout out to my awesome partner, Regina! We both reached a new PR today. Mine on the 1RM Deadlift: 225lbs. Um, whoa.

II.  AMRAP in 10 Minutes

15 Unbroken Russian Swings (70/53)


Completed: Ok. Ok. Lost count on the rounds. I’m guessing somewhere around 8 or 9. 35lbs. on the Kettlebell. Could have gone heavier. Will do so next time.

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