all ninja like

I have this image in my head. If I were to go really strict with my diet, and keep up my training, I would become like a ninja. All stealth and lithe-like. My muscles rippling and shiny. Simply reaching for a cup of coffee would cause those around me to pause in awe as they witnessed the symphonic movement of my flexors.

But ninjas can be mean and draw blood, and this part I do not like. So, if possible, I’d like to be like a cute cuddly ninja, all ripped and stealth, and offering hugs during down time. Like this penguin. Again, except ripped.

Either way, I still have to get there, to Stealth-ness. And that involves a great deal of discipline. Just read a great article on diet: Talk to me Johnnie. He goes even further in how to get super lean: Leaning Out.

It’s all laid out for me, Right There. Pretty simple stuff. You just have to do it. I just have to do it.

Insert hurdle: Here. I have commitment issues. To diet. I have workout portion down. But the gauntlet needs to be handed down with the diet. While food intake for the majority of the time is good and much along the lines of Johnnie’s guidelines, there are moments of cheat. And therein lies my issue. The cheats need to go. Just need to find the wherewithal to bid them adeau. I think discipline, true Discipline, doesn’t get the billing it deserves. Especially from me.

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