Active. Recovery.

The WOD today was one of my least favorites. Once again I tried to think of any reason not to go in. Especially since my arms felt like they might fall off after yesterday. But when I questioned over FB whether or not I should do it, Kim very nicely said; “Come on in, work the skill transfer, scale weight if necessary for WOD and squats. Half intensity/active recovery will help with the soreness.”

And she was right. As usual. Active recovery is such an interesting term, never really thought about what it meant until now. Active. Recovery.


I. “Jeremy”

For Time:

21 – 15 – 9

Overhead Squats (95/65)


*10 Minute Time Limit

Completed: Overhead squats at 35lbs. in 8:52. We could say this is a PR based on my last ‘performance’ wherein I didn’t even finish and needed a hand up. But, I wasn’t trying to break any records. Just wanted to keep the muscles moving, especially in the shoulders.

II. Back Squat

5 – 3 – 1

Completed: at 105lbs., then 125lbs. Got one at 145lbs. but didn’t break full parallel, so doesn’t really count. And I’d rather do it right than not at all. I want to have good form. Good form means healthy strong body for years to come.

I’m dissatisfied with all my clothes recently. Nothing is fitting as it should. My body is shifting in proportions. While eager to find things that I would be psyched to wear, it is feeling even more necessary to not be too hasty and rush into buying new clothes. Rather, might be best to wait a little longer, till a little further down this path.

Just not feeling like what I really want is out there right now.

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