Elite Sarcasm

Normally I’m in bed and sleeping by this hour. But my brother sent me a link to this site about Crossfit, and I can’t stop reading. OMGG, see for yourself: ForgingEliteSarcasm.

Ok. Onto the WOD. Busy week with work, late night last night, late night again tomorrow night. It’s become so busy that just had to enforce a new habit of scheduling my WOD’s at what might be the best time of the day, and hitting them. No questions. No excuses. Oh look the WOD is in 15, gotta run. Be back soon.

Because there will always be some new emergency at work, some phone call, some email, that needs attention. It’s a never ending assembly line of fires asking to be put out. They will always be there. Me stepping out and getting some much needed exercise for an hour can only help at this point.

Left work in the middle of some crisis to hit the 3:30 WOD today. So glad I did. Always am. Will do so again, and again. And again.


I. Deadlift

4 – 4 – 4 – 4

Completed: at 175lbs., then 195lbs., 215lbs. Tried for 225lbs, got one rep, then failed. finished off at 215lbs.

II. AMRAP in 5 Minutes:

WallBalls (20/14)

Rest 3 minutes

III. AMRAP 5 minutes:

Ring Pushups

Completed: 86 total Wall Balls at 14lbs. (RX!) and 36 ring pushups. Total suck!

See you tomorrow. Sleep well my friends.

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