off of which bridge

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ― Guillaume Apollinaire

Last Friday one of the coaches at ACF rode his bike to the gym and enjoyed it so much declared it, Gas Free Friday, and challenged all the ACF peeps to do the same the following Friday. And because when an ACF coach says, ‘Jump,’ I say, ‘Off of which bridge?’ I rode my bike to work today.

I used to be a pretty avid cyclist. Commuting on my bike every day to work when living in Denver. Denver is a bike friendly city. People are just more aware there of people on bikes. There are more people on bikes so you feel more a part of something. Whereas here, when you are on your bicycle, at least when I am, it feels like people are driving by and thinking, ‘What’s wrong with her.’ Just a vibe I get.

Alas, I’m a little rusty on the getting out the door in the morning to climb on top of my bike and start peddling to work, thing. I was all discombobulated, trying to pack my backpack with just the right things; like shoes for when I get to the office, a change of clothes, my CF wear because in theory I would be biking there after work. And food. I like to bring my own food to work. Salads, specifically. Didn’t exactly foresee how I was going to pack a salad without it all turning to warm salsa before getting to the office. Sunglasses, biking gloves, hairbrush, the list… oh the list, how it continued to grow. But it just doesn’t all fit.

When I made it to work the transition was easy enough. Friday’s are so much more laid back than any other day of the week. If you’re going to bike to work one day a week, this is a good day to do it. No one notices if you’re a little off center, it’s Friday.

Running out of time to continue babbling. Here’s the texted version: ate a Subway ‘veggie’ sub. Bleetch. Seriously? Gross. Got a flat tire on the way to ACF. Was ready to call it a day. A fellow ACF’er drove by. Encouraged me to do the WOD, then offered to change my flat. Thank you Laura! We rocked the WOD. Yay partner WOD’s!


I.  With a Partner, 12 Rounds, every minute on the minute, as many reps of the following:

Thrusters (95/65)


3 Minute Rest.

Then repeat for 8 more rounds.

Completed: at 55lbs. for Thrusters. Total reps: 71 Thrusters. 60 Burpees.

Laura is an awesome partner. And person. She just has that calm, I’m ready to go to work, helpful, nice, good, way about her. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. Turns out she also is a former triathatlon-er. People are awesome. If anyone can change a flat tire, she can. And she had all the tools in her car, like bike levers, bike pump. After getting the tire off, she examined the tube and thought maybe it was something to do with my rim. She then gave me and my crippled bike a ride to the bike shop. Whereby they fixed up my rim, and tire, and I was able to peddle, gloriously, all the way home.

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