Just going to put this out there: Strongman Sunday’s are nutty. And oh, so, much, fun.

That’s a 130lbs. stone made of solid cement. The idea is to get it up and onto your shoulder. It’s all in how you get it there. Form is key. I managed to get the 90 pounder up onto my shoulder. Barely. Stones are scary. They leave marks and bruises. If you drop one it dents the asphalt.

Then we flipped a couple 400lbs. tires.

The mentality of this mayhem seems to be, if you don’t have any bruises, you’re not really trying. Apparently bruises and scrapes are a badge of honor. Personally, it’s hard to tell if its a bruise, or just dirt. I like this very much.

It’s like you’re twelve and have been outside playing all day with your friends.

To top off the crazy-goodness, the local manager of Chipotle gave me a card for a free burrito.

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