First came a National Holiday. **==
And a telephone conversation. (call)
Whereby an idea was born. *-:)
Which involved a bicycle. (*)/ (*)
And a boat. c—–7
Some water with some waves. ~~c___
Some time (o) out of town.
And a trip! —(o_ _)o (minus the ‘ing’.)
Which meant a week away with none of this.
: |=.===.=|:
\ O /
_/ \_
It is in enjoying time away that we can be happy. : )
To be home. (_8^(1) (minus the ‘r Simpson’.)
With my furry friend. : o3
And my ACF. ACF



Row 250

20 Spiderman Lunges

15 Inchworms


I. 7 Sets:

5 Tough Thrusters

10 Burpees (As Fast As Possible)

Row 25 Seconds @ 90%

Rest 6 Minutes Actively

Completed: Thrusters at 55lbs, then 65lbs. for rounds 6 and 7. Average time per round 1:35. This was a bi@tch. somewhere around round 5 and burpee no. gagillion pretty sure I went to the dark side. Thank you Ali for encouraging me to head towards the light, finish the last bitter burpee and tackle the last 25sec. row.