All Aboard

Sometimes you’re the bus.

Sometimes you’re under the bus.

My current status is: Under.

From this perspective you can’t see whose on board the bus. You certainly can’t see whose driving. There’s too many factors at play, too many stops along the way. This is a world that requires humility, patience, gratitude, deference. If you let yourself, you can get completely flattened.

You would like to think everyone is here for the same reason, but no one is doing anything for the same reason. We all have our own agenda, and it shifts constantly. Forever, perpetually, in motion.

Which is why it is important to control our expectations. In fact, expectations can get you into trouble. Get rid of them if you can. I find it next to impossible.

It is best to be sure your reasons for doing what you are doing are in-line with what you are actually doing. That way, if things do not happen quite as you expect, you are the least affected you can possibly be. Whether along for the ride or left behind in a pile of dust. At least you’re still being true to you and your reasons for being on the road in the first place.

On days like today in particular its is imperative that I get to ACF. ACF forces me to put all the extracurricular worry and fear and frustration on hold. Turns it off actually.  I throw off all that silliness and simply let myself get dirty in the good. Diving into the chalk and the sweat and steel and stone. I redirect and get lost in the beauty of the strength of my grip, the power of my will, and the girth of my stamina.

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