Be Grateful

“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ― Charles Dickens

And so Monday is almost here. A culmination of all my hard work at long last arrives. The finish line approaches, is in site, and it’s time to sprint. I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy at about midnight, tomorrow night. When it’s all over. There’s not much more I can do at this point in the planning portion. It’s 9:25pm on Sunday night, time for bed is fast approaching.

Aside from a 3 hour lifting seminar with the Pendaley Snatch, on Saturday at ACF, I have been working all weekend. Wanted to hit the WOD today, and Strongman, but, just didn’t want to interrupt the momentum at work.

So, tonight, committed to a run.

Pushed to the 4 mile marker. 9:40 avg. pace. Not bad considering I haven’t been sleeping and am simply overtaxed. Mind is slow. Could my writing be any more dry and boring? Probably not. Clearly it’s time for bed. But, did want to record my achievement. Since, running (like Burpees) are on my list of personal SUCK. Did remember to delete my weight before posting. I still have some sensibility.

After tomorrow’s event is over, I hop a plane and fly to MN to visit my very near and dear BFF. We will bake, and chat, and go to the farmer’s market, and drink wine, and walk the dogs, and eat lots of fun things. But, mostly just spend some time together after not seeing one another since over a year ago. She is one of those friends though, you know the ones, that you don’t have to see or spend time with to stay connected. For once you do get together again, it’s as if it was just yesterday. Plus, she’s a wicked fast texter, almost as quick as her wit. 🙂

Last thoughts of the day; I am very grateful. I feel grateful for my strong body, for my totally awesome friends, and my super cool huge loving doggy, and all the many gifts that have been bestowed upon me throughout my life. I feel truly grateful indeed.

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