winging it

There’s nothing better then getting up early on a Saturday, hitting the WOD, and then having the rest of the day to enjoy. Didn’t even get a sip of coffee this morning before heading in for the 9:30. Probably not the best approach, was feeling a little light headed during the Power Cleans. Do not recommend doing this. I’m not a big breakfast eater. I enjoy coffee in the morning, and do not generally want to eat until about 10am. Here’s the thing though, as my diet is getting cleaner, and I’m getting noticeably stronger, the body needs fuel to keep up. Just winging it isn’t quite working like it used to.  Warrior Dash tomorrow. Oiy.


I. Power Clean – Build To A Tough Single In A Few Sets

Completed: @ 85lbs. Tried to work up to 95lbs, fail. Stayed at 85 and focused on form.

II. 3 Sets:

3 Tough Touch n’ Go Hang Power Clean

Sprint 30 m (increasing Speed Throughout)

Rest Walk 5 Minutes

Completed: first at 70lbs., then rounds 2 and 3 @ 85lbs.

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