Warrior in all of us.

Just got my first food processor. I know. Where the heck have I been. It’s a 9 Cup capacity Cuisinart. Holy Good Golly what the heck took me so long. The countless hours, year after year, chopping and chopping and slicing and chopping. And now I feel free! This machine is glorious, I can slice whole veggies and make sauces and dips too. But wait there’s more, I can shred! The possibilities are endless.

On Sunday we ran the Warrior Dash. A group of about 15 – 20 of us from ACF made the trek which started with meeting in the parking lot at 6:50am. Which at the time seemed difficult, but in retrospect the best plan. When you get there in the morning everything is still on the fresher side, the trail, the port-o-potties, the mud. It’s also not as hot. Overall I placed 3,266, out of 6,496 races. 1:10 for time. The hardest obstacle, the Warrior Wall, whose height I’m not too sure of. 25 feet tall maybe. It was at the very top as I awkwardly flung my last leg over and grabbed on for dear life while attempting to descend that I remembered the very long waiver with very fine print we signed that morning.

The course was dirty, beyond dirty. I refrained from dunking my head completely under the muddied water, most did not. People were committed.

Total Miles: 3.2.

Total Fun: unmeasureable.

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