Because I’m participating in a two hour Strongman tonight, I’ve decided to skip the WOD and run today instead. It’s a beautiful day.

My running time peaked this summer. With 9:06 mi. mile just a few weeks ago at ACF. Alas, today it is in a decline. But, my goal today was not for speed. But to simply get out. Since the Holiday weekend my diet has been less than stellar. Add a three day business trip mid-week, and the wheels really start to come off. But the ship is being righted and slowly navigated back into a healthy direction.

Avg Pace
Summary 32:10.4 3.23 9:57
1 10:22.0 1.00 10:22
2 9:45.0 1.00 9:45
3 9:48.0 1.00 9:48
4 2:15.3 0.23 9:40

Completed: 3.23 miles. Avg. pace 9:57 min/mile.