3 and 3

“I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!” ― William Shakespeare

Run 3.2 Miles. Avg. pace 9:53 / mile. And 3 Burpees. Christmas Day will be Day 100, of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge that my BFF and I have challenged one another to complete, via text, from MN to NY, across the great plains, and powerful Mississippi, and Facebook, and beyond. Burpees know no boundaries.

Today was one of those days when I woke up with tremendous anxiety. It can happen. For no particular reason, other than I’m pretty sure it is diet related. I indulged this weekend, not overly, but there was some wine, and chocolate dessert. And I think the body responds to the sugar, partly, with anxiety. It’s amazing I was able to get out for a run, but pushed myself to do so in the very least.

Then there’s this video on our food supply, about Seeds in particular, and Genetically Modified Food. It’s not a downer, but an eye opener, and ends positively as in that seeds of change are already afoot. Mostly, it’s ever more important to think about where our food comes from.

Hard to reach long term goals if you’re half-assing it along the way. As I am currently, at this moment in time in particular, with the dietary cheats. Tomorrow is a new day.

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