Hodge Podge-ing

Train with Dean today, resistance deadlifts and push jerks. Then…


I. For Time:

10 Clean and Jerks (185/120)

15 Muscle-Ups

Row 30 calories

Completed: in 10:13. Loaded up the bar @95lbs. for the Clean and Jerks. A manageable weight, I told myself. Till Ke-Ho changed the rep count to 15 Clean and Jerks for us slackers who didn’t load the bar for death. Felt as if, towards the end of the 15, all my hard work on form the hour before with Dean went out the window as I fatigued and tried as I might to focus on form. Just ended up doing whatever it took, including poor form, to get the damn bar over head.

II. 5 Attempts

Max Unbroken Double-Unders

Completed: Not really. Mostly a series of hodge podge single-unders. Originally forgot the jump rope in the car. Was pouring rain and blowing sideways outside and was not as motivated to finish out the WOD. Already been here working for 2.5 hours, I rationalized. Poor decision on my part.

Just rereading this post now. While I felt as if I was focused and working hard while training with Dean, its apparent I started to fall a part and make excuses for it during the WOD. If you commit to something, you should commit. Not hodge-podge it through, puttering out at the end. That will get you nowhere. I do this often. In many arenas. At least my commitment to hodge-podgeing is consistent.