Last Place is still crossing the Finish Line.

One year ago this week I stepped through the doors of Crossfit for my initial meet and greet with Lebby (I know, lucky girl). I had heard about it, but really didn’t know what the heck it was. Since then, as many have happily or reluctantly heard, I have discovered something that I never knew existed. Something within me. Very grateful, indeed. If you haven’t already, check out this video. Especially the part about cheering on those that finish last, a place I know well. Don’t forget, Last is still crossing the Finish Line.

Friday Night Fights Partner WOD:

30 Minute AMRAP:

9 Burpees

9 Snatches

9 Thrusters

Team Barbell Carry to other side of gym. Repeat.

Completed: @ 45lbs. 12 Rounds total. Total Beast. Thanks, Nancy, for working so hard and pushing me to do the same.