mix it up

Was fortunate to have today off. Trained with Dean at 1pm, stretched and foam rolled for an hour, then…


I. Establish a 1RM Press

II. “Diane”

For Time:


Deadlifts (225/155)

Handstand Pushups

Dean was coaching this WOD. and he knows my goal is to get strong. While I could have gone RX on the 155 lbs. weight, he suggested I go heavier, with less reps. So, 166 lbs. 15-12-9. With box-pushups. I was working, the entire time. Finished in … hmmm… now I don’t remember! The interesting thing, since competing at Perth Strongman, I now have the comfortable knowing that I can do 22 Deadlifts at 175 lbs. in a minute. There’s a very certain confidence that comes from accomplishing this. Suddenly, I’m not so afraid.