to the brim.

Couple of things: Had my first strict pushup tonight. Hand release no less. WTF. Just kind of happened. No more pushups from the knees for this CF’er.

Second, I am running my first ever 10K exactly 30 days from today. The Troy Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving morning, 8am. What better day to run a first 10K then on a day when a copious cornucopia awaits you at the finish line: The beautiful feast of Thanksgiving. One of my all time favorite Holidays. No pressure to buy useless crap. Just cook something warm and hearty, fill your heart with love equal in bounty, and share it all with those you hold dear.

Unable to spend time with loved ones for the Holiday? Open your heart and share your warmth and kindness with a stranger. Better yet, with a stranger in need. Sit next to them and offer a gentle ear, a warm smile, and a hearty meal. There are so many ways to share. And sharing fills the heart, and the hearts of those around us, with love to the brim.

See what happens when you get your first push-up?


CrossFit Warm-Up

3 x 10


I. AMRAP in 15 minutes:

1 Paralette Handstand Pushup (10″ deficit)

Power Snatch (155/100)

2 Paralette Handstand Pushups

2 Power Snatches

3 Paralette Handstand Pushups

3 Power Snatches

and so on….

*Continue this progression until the 15 minutes has elapsed

Completed: Snatch at 65lbs. Hand release Pushups! PR! Made it to round 10, completed 10 pushups and 3 snatches. Truth, Kim confessed the clock was set at 17 minutes, not 15. 17 minute AMRAP felt pretty damn good.

II. 4 Sets:

20 Toes-to-Bar

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