… and the body follows.


Let’s just pause here for a minute, shall we. Can you taste them? Feel the gooey chewy texture in your mouth as you bite down into one, or three of them?

‘Are you going to have one?’ My co-worker asked.
‘No,’ I said. ‘Not today.’
‘Why are you taking a picture of them?’ she asked.
‘Because I love them.’ I said.

And I do. But today, and for the next 28 days, leading up to the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, I will continue to love them dearly, love them from afar. Last night during Ladies Night I PR’d on my overhead. Clean and jerk 105lbs. This was a huge goal. I’ve been struggling to reach a goal of 100lbs. overhead for a long time. Wanting very much to compete in Heavy for the Holidays, but coming to terms with the reality that the competing weights minimums just might be too heavy for me. For now.

Still, I’ve been working. There are profound days of discouragement, but last night was a huge hurdle overcome. I feel empowered again. My diet is a huge part of that. When I feel healthy, when I have had enough sleep, when I am eating clean, and behaving myself and in a good routine, my mind is clear, optimistic, forward looking in all things possible and good and soon to be. And the body follows.

So, for now, hello lovely cookies. Thank you for existing. There’s a time and place for you. We will meet again. At the end of this finish line. In 28 days. In Troy NY. After I have completed my first ever 10K run. Till then, I bid adieu.

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