Short Term.

I like Goals. Long Term and Short Term Goals. They do well for the individual. Goals are bigger than you. They make you bigger than you are. They keep you focused. And on track. You are not the only beneficiary from working towards and achieving goals, those around you benefit as well.

Right now my Short Term Goal is to eat clean from now until Thanksgiving Day. At 8am on Thanksgiving Day I will be running my first ever 10K, The Troy Turkey Trot, with my BFF, Sandy. Sandy is a thoroughbred runner. I’ve given her more than one out from this, having to run with me at a pace which will most likely be a solid two minute per mile slower than her usual. She sees this as a great opportunity to spend time together. Something we rarely get to do these days. She’s a rock star. Personally I think she’s nuts. Not a legume, more of a walnut, or cashew.

Back to the eating clean goal – I’ve read a lot of books on food. Primal Blueprint. It Starts with Food. Zone. You may already know by now, eating Paleo is a large faction of the Crossfit Community.

I’m 100% Paleo, 80% of the time.

Crossfit did not invent Paleo but it is a well exercised term and way of life in the CF community. The book that spoke to me most: It Starts with Food. In the end, you have to learn your body, what works and does not work for you. Be realistic, listen, see how you feel. In every capacity.

While clothes that fit exceptionally well is a huge reward for eating clean, my primary goal in eating clean is a clean mind. When I’m eating healthy, my mind is  focused, open, intensely optimistic, and living as if all the good in life does not wait for me in the future, but actually exists Right Now. This is a great place to be. Borrowing Crossfit’s mantra for the next 27 Days, my diet will be as follows: meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

I will not be measuring. I will eat when I’m hungry, as much as I want until satisfied. Truth is, when you’re eating healthy, you do not overindulge.

The lovely and glorious jar of Cookie Butter? My reward at crossing the 10K Finish Line. It’s currently sitting on the top of my fridge. Unopened. It looks down at me (eye to eye, really…) and says, I’m here, waiting for you. I say, I will not open you until Thanksgiving Day. Clearly defining your goals is helpful. Apparently having conversations with your food can be too. I’ll keep you posted.

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