I just realized, if you look at my recent posts with pictures of junk food, they were all taken in the office. And this is a stark fact. My predominant exposure to junk food comes from the office. Maybe 90% of the time I’m successful in saying No to the temptations laid out at work.

But then think about this, what if you didn’t try to say, No? What if you didn’t really think about it? What if you simply said, Yes?

What if you said Yes to every box of cookies, every bowl of candy, every home baked goody left on the counter in the staff kitchen? Some people do. More than once a day.

It’s not easy to say No. Especially on days like today. Holidays. When it’s all even that much bigger. With all of its holiday festivity and cheer and camaraderie and sharing of stories and traditions that await with family and friends.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re just saying No to the food.

Sometimes it feels like you’re saying No to so much more.

Ok, what I really meant to say here is; Happy Halloween! Honestly. I mean that. I really do.

Ladies Night and Strongman tonight. Bring on the beastly fun.

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