twinkle in the eye.

With a little go on and give it a try, a coworker just signed up for Crossfit. She and her husband are currently in the 4 week Boot Camp classes and have subsequently fallen in love. She comes into work with updates on what she learned the night before and how she cannot wait to go back. It warms my heart to hear these things. Hearing stories of how other people feel motivated, inspired, watching them come alive, keeps all of us inspired too.

Not every day at CF is daisies and rainbows. Some days just plain suck-it. Can’t get the bar up over head, can’t get up off the floor from that last burpee. Your last rep was really your last rep as it is all you can muster and it is no where near your last PR.

Sometimes you’re feeling anything but better than yesterday.

The down days. We all have them.

So when my coworker comes into the office with that mischievous smile and twinkle in her eye and says, ‘Mare, guess what we did last night? We lifted the bar up to our shoulders, like this…’ she demonstrates in the middle of our cubicle village. ‘What’s it called again?’ she asks.

‘Power clean?’ I say.

‘Yes, that’s it!’ she exclaims. ‘It was awesome!’

And just like that, a little part of me is lifted too. Look at all I’ve learn in a year, I think. Not only did I know the name of the lift, but more importantly could instantly feel the goodness it bestows as you get it up with your fast elbows and powerful hips. And just like that the twinkle in my eye grows too.

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