why worry…

Group Dynamic

Barbell Gymnastics:

Clean and Jerk

1X1@75%, 1X1@80%, 1X1@ 85%, 1X1@90%, 1X1@95% – rest 30-60 seconds.

Completed: at 65lbs., 75lbs., 85lbs., 95lbs., 100lbs.!

Soon 105lbs. will no longer by my one rep max.


3 rounds for total working time of:

5 Over-the-Box Jumps 20″
25 KB Swings 32/24kg
5 Over-the-Box Jumps 20″
25 Pullups

Completed: Realized I pulled some sort of muscle in my back, trying to take it easy so I can keep working out without doing further damage. Kettlebell at 35lbs.

Rest 1:1

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