cold nights. warm soup.

soup1“When you know my love, my love will warm you.” ― Ruby Dee

It takes time to eat healthy. Yes, there’s prep involved; chopping and slicing and dicing. For me, Sundays are a good day to do this. But it has been so cold recently and I’m just ramping back up out of the Holiday into eating healthy mode that the fridge still remains relatively sparse and there’s only so many days you can rely on Chipotle. I love you Chipotle, you know who you are, but even I can grow weary of your scrumptious ways.

So when I found myself home from work with an hour to spare before the WOD I discovered it’s actually fairly quick and simple to make butternut squash soup. From scratch. Yes, I said simple and quick soup from scratch. The ingredients to make butternut squash soup stay good for over a week if not longer so you can keep them on hand and not feel rushed to make something before they go bad.

Peel and dice the following: a whole onion, green apple, handful of carrots, cloves of garlic, and a one butternut squash. Put them in a pot with some chicken stock, couple of bay leaves and a teaspoon of ginger. Slowly bring to a boil while you put away your stuff, get changed into your WOD duds, throw the ball for the dog, thumb through the news.

Once the pot boils, cover it and turn off the hot stove top. Set the covered pot aside and let it simmer.

Head out to CF and hit the WOD.


I was gone a total of an hour and a half. By the time I came home all the ingredients were cooked and ready. All I had to do was puree. Easy to do with a simple immersion blender, mine did stop working mid-puree last night so I ended up using a traditional old blender, a little more messy and time consuming but the last step.

soup 2

Nothing beats hot soup on a cold winter night post WOD. Nothing.

3rd 90 Day Benchmark WOD:

1RM Backsquat. Completed: 165lbs. PR!