“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

wide open

I’ve been out of town. Took a 10 vacation to attend my brother’s wedding in UT, to visit old friends in WY, to remember why I lived in the West and refresh the senses of its beauty. There are many things I miss about the Rocky Mountains but if I had to choose two things it would be the dry high mountain air, and wide open landscape.

There’s just this feeling of being small when you are in the vast west. It is a quiet reminder that no matter how proud or important or successful or perhaps unsuccessful or stressed or overwhelmed you may feel, in the grand scheme of the giant mountains and blanketing sky it is all insignificant.

I find comfort in feeling small and insignificant.

What you do and who you are and all the trappings that surround you is nothing new. It has all come before and will come around again too. It is how we connect with one another that lifts us. Alone we are isolated. Together we are bountiful and alive. Feeling small as a result of standing in the middle of something as vast as the high plains of Wyoming reminds me of this.

It is important to be able to step outside of ourselves and see the greater picture, the picture of the whole. I find peace in knowing this thing, my life, yours, your neighbors, is not a solo undertaking but part of something much bigger and interconnected and beyond true understanding. If we can just get out of our own way and release the ego we can truly plug into the power and peace of being a part of something bigger and more powerful then the self.

Alone I’m just me but together, connected with my family and friends, reconnecting, helping, encouraging, forgiving, loving, listening, we create a positive force, a positive way of being.

wide open 2

You know it’s a good vacation when you are happy to be home. This could be no truer then when I finally walked into the triple wide tonight after the 10 day hiatus. The hugs and high-fives welcomed me home and reinforced what I was already feeling; that I missed our ACF community and was eager to plug back in again.



I.  3 x Max Effort Strict HSPU

* Rest 60 Seconds Between Sets

** Begin at Regionals standard. If you can perform more than 15 reps add a deficit.


3 x 15 Good Morning

* Work Up To A Heavy Weight

** Rest 60 Seconds Between Sets.

III. Partner WOD – Conditioning:

3 Rounds For Total Working Time Of:

50 Air Squats
15 Parallete Shoot Throughs (With Push-Up and Dip)

* One partner rests while the other one is working.

** 1 Shoot Through Push-Up + 1 Shoot Through Dip = 1 Repetition.

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