Days 11-16

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” ¯ E.L. Doctorow

good morning2
So, I’m definitely not writing here as much as originally hoped. Grandiose visions of updating my blog every time I take a sip of black coffee be damned. While it would seem that employing a restrictive diet of no dairy, grains, legumes, or booze would leave one wanting to hibernate at home and hide, I’ve been doing the opposite. I’ve been busy – this weekend with volunteering at the Regionals. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In the days leading up to Regionals I worried about my food, where it would come from and would it be Whole30 compliant. Would I struggle beneath the weight of never-ending temptation? I packed hard boiled eggs and green apples, cashews and seltzer for the trip. Much to my happiness the volunteers were very well fed over the entire CrossfFit weekend, two meals per day, consisting of grass fed/farm raised beef or chicken, and steamed veggies or roasted butternut squash. Delish. In fact, eating Whole30 on the road could not be easier. Given, three days at a CrossFit event can pretty much guarantee healthy food choices. Step outside the spectrum and you’re on your own. Like, say for instance when you’re driving home, on the Mass Pike, and you stop for gas and feel incredibly hungry and the only food options are McDonald’s or aisle after aisle of bags of chips and cookies and soda.

I did locate the last bag of raw almonds and ordered some black coffee to go before shoving off again down the Pike.

It’s Tuesday and I’m still tired. Long days outside in the sun and cheering and purely over-energized by the incredible athletes and their pure feats of strength. Mind blowing really. A whole other level. I’m happy, too. Happy to know the movements and be well versed in the struggles of the axle bar clean and jerk. A result of my own struggles and feats of personal strength and doing when I simply thought I could not.

Overall though, my stamina is still very low. It’s going to be another month most likely, before I’ll see the light at the end of this tunnel to full recovery. Taking those six weeks off knocked me down a few levels in fitness and strength and overall, well, pure stamina. I’m just lacking that extra umph and try to not let that frustration get to me.

The frustration of looking at the bar loaded with the weight of what I used to be able to do and understanding it’s simply not where I am right now. Knowing what I was once capable of – Understanding that was then and this is now – Accepting it’s going to take some work to get back there again. Pushing through that initial frustration. Even just trotting out a short half mile run feels taxing.

Headed out now to the 4pm WOD.

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