more stats

Garage temp: 42 degrees. BP: 6am – 157/81. 8:30pm – 148/79.

5×5 Strict Press @ 45lbs. Single arm dumbbell row @ 15lbs.

Cleaning out the kitchen… processed foods and grains, pasta, pancake batter, rice, mostly gone. I’ve done W30 a few times and appreciate all that it taught me about food, namely that there is sugar in everything. W30 also taught me how to think of food differently, and how to creatively cook from scratch using ingredients I couldn’t even identify, like ginger, coconut aminos, and ghee. But I’m a little bit bored with W30, and I ate way too many nuts. I’m not a math person, but I love collecting data, total pounds lifted, reps completed, calories burned, fat vs. carbs vs. protein grams. I like to collect it and I like to log it. I like to write shit down. Counting macros—specifically, achieving ketosis by targeting measured daily intake %’s of fat, carbs, and protein— is my next curiosity.

I tried the Bone Broth fast for five days. One big take away from that endeavor was all the free time! During all those hours before, after, even during work, when I would normally think about my next meal, I would have to remind myself to find something else to do. It’s really quite something to think about how much time we spend preparing and eating food. I guess it beats some alternatives.

The Bone Broth went well, but I want to learn more. I want to experiment more, cooking bright, beautiful, unfamiliar foods—researching recipes and new ingredients—is where the adventure lives for now.

Tonight I made my first-ever batch of keto/paleo mayo. If you have an immersion blender, it’s ridiculously simple to do.

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