Hello spring

Where the %#^! have you been, Spring?? Some people want to know. We’ve been waiting up all night for you, waiting in the dark, snow-covered landscape, waiting… for you, spring.

But alas, you are here, and it’s glorious! We knew it would be. Take a walk or a drive down the street and people are outside, of their homes, and doing stuff, in the street, in the dirt, and on the grass. It’s wonderful.

I felt the sun on my face this morning for the first time since I can remember. I felt my clothes warm in the afternoon light, the soothing warmth soaked through to my skin and then to my heart. And it was good.

To celebrate your arrival, spring, I went for a two-mile run with the dog. To be fair, it was a walk/run—one minute run followed by one minute walk, etc.—and it was glorious too. Just like you, spring, now that you’re finally here.

So, a friend and I have signed up to run a 5K on June 2. Even though my training has been sporadic at best—some rowing here, some walking there—with the sun’s warmth I’m finally feeling energized to begin again, again. And it is good.

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