5,000 meters = 5K

Today’s WOD, run 5,000 meters. 5,000 meters = 3.1 miles. So, pretty much, 5,000 meters is a 5K. Like the kind of 5K you sign up to run for charity on a Saturday Morning.

Yes, I had to look it up. It was written in a format that I did not recognize, "5,000 meters" as opposed to, "5K run" because then I would have been like, oh yeah, a 5K.

That’s why we love CF: it’s always forcing you to think. It’s forcing your brain cogs to turn, especially when it comes to cardinal numbers and metrics. They can’t just say, run 3.1 miles, or row 1.2 miles (2,000 meters, or 2k row). No, CF keeps you on your toes, rather, your heels if you’re doing it right. And I miss the shit out of it. Have I started WODing again? No.

For now it seems I’m content to check out the daily WOD at CFHQ, read through all the various scaling options, and strategize how I might complete it if I were to do it.

Won’t it be a wonderful moment if I actually do the work? Wouldn’t it now.

i keep looking, but do nothing

So, I admit it, almost daily I log onto CFHQ website and check out the WOD of the day. I take a look just about every day. Yet, I do nothing.

I spend time reading through the scaling options, and then I theorize how I would do the workout, if, you know, I was still WODing. But I’m not. It’s not a question of gear…I have the gear. I’ve set up a nice little garage gym complete with a Concept 2 and Bella Bar and bumpers and squat rack and pull-up bar and bands and med ball and kettlebell. Yet I continue to walk by all of it as I make my way into the house at the beginning and end of each day.

Heck, I walk past it multiple times per day, if you count all the times I take the dog out for a walk morning and night.

So there we have it. I had so much fun setting the garage gym up, ordering it piece by piece and spending weekends cleaning out and organizing and putting it together, yet there it sits. I’ve done some WODing, beginners at best. Sort of a test run. Not sure I ever even broke a sweat.

To be fair when I started building the garage gym it was negative-15 degrees outside and I could see my breath. But I was determined to be healthy again, to get back to that place, whatever it is; when I felt strong and my clothes fit like tailored high-collared stretchy velvet.

But now it’s all collecting dust.

Today’s a rest day at HQ, but did you happen to see the WOD from yesterday (Monday)?


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 push presses
10 kettlebell swings
10 box jumps

Scaling options for beginners as follows:

Beginner Option
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 push presses
10 kettlebell swings
10 box step-ups

And believe me, as hard as it is to admit to myself, I’m a beginner, again.

On a positive note, after a succession of 42 degree days and rain, the sun has finally come out today. Maybe today will be the day that I start WODing again. Maybe. Weather really has nothing to do with any of it.

Either you do the work, or you don’t.

I am supposed to keep training for the 5K in June. That’s been going okay, averaging about 6-8 miles per week. But WODing, nothing affects change in body, mind, soul like WODing, real honest-to-goodness gut-wrenching WODing.