5,000 meters = 5K

Today’s WOD, run 5,000 meters. 5,000 meters = 3.1 miles. So, pretty much, 5,000 meters is a 5K. Like the kind of 5K you sign up to run for charity on a Saturday Morning.

Yes, I had to look it up. It was written in a format that I did not recognize, "5,000 meters" as opposed to, "5K run" because then I would have been like, oh yeah, a 5K.

That’s why we love CF: it’s always forcing you to think. It’s forcing your brain cogs to turn, especially when it comes to cardinal numbers and metrics. They can’t just say, run 3.1 miles, or row 1.2 miles (2,000 meters, or 2k row). No, CF keeps you on your toes, rather, your heels if you’re doing it right. And I miss the shit out of it. Have I started WODing again? No.

For now it seems I’m content to check out the daily WOD at CFHQ, read through all the various scaling options, and strategize how I might complete it if I were to do it.

Won’t it be a wonderful moment if I actually do the work? Wouldn’t it now.

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