I’m Mary, I started CrossFitting in 2011. Aside from the strong community and physical benefits and all things positive that CF can bring into your day to day, there is a also a genuine hard earned peace that is achieved through its progression.

This blog is a chronicle of my loads, reps and PR’s, but also all the many positive things that CF introduces into my life.

My favorite CF’er, Lucas Parker, sums up the Crossfit experience pretty well:

“CrossFit is an opportunity to change your life for the better; from a physical standpoint, from an emotional standpoint, learning how to deal with stress, and discomfort.

 it is a big shock to the system and that can be either a big wake up call, or deterrent. Some people get kind of turned off by that, but if you have that little bit of a spark inside you that says, ‘Hey, I recognize that I’m putting myself into an uncomfortable situation and I’m going to benefit from that.’ There’s a huge opportunity because you can apply that to nearly every situation you come across in life.”

– Lucas Parker

I am also driven to write, it is a large part of who I am.


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