Day 4 of Fast reboot

It's been almost 6 months since the last Fast. After a decadent couple weeks of wine and pizza sprinkled with the occasional row on the erg, I woke up on Sunday morning with a foggy mind and swollen joints and general overall feeling of melancholy. I'm pretty sure I'm head over heels in a serious … Continue reading Day 4 of Fast reboot

how serious is it

BP: 153/93. Monday morning. Time to put away the blue chips and salsa and guac and pizza. The Super Bowl is over. The holidays are over. Time to consider hypertension. Time to take it seriously. Risk of stroke? How is that even possible. My numbers have always, always been so healthy. Apparently not anymore. I … Continue reading how serious is it

more stats

Garage temp: 42 degrees. BP: 6am - 157/81. 8:30pm - 148/79. 5x5 Strict Press @ 45lbs. Single arm dumbbell row @ 15lbs. Cleaning out the kitchen... processed foods and grains, pasta, pancake batter, rice, mostly gone. I've done W30 a few times and appreciate all that it taught me about food, namely that there is … Continue reading more stats


Garage Temp: 31 degrees. BP: 9am, 132/77. 10pm, 132/74. 10 minute row, breathing thru nose: 1,821 meters. 5 x 5 SDHP @ 55lbs. The programming is fairly detailed. Seems like every time I read it I find something new. Tonight I realized I'm not exactly doing the row as prescribed. Additional instructions include: Total meters … Continue reading Stats


You spend twenty minutes googling that scene from a show or movie where the beatnik audience snaps in applause instead of clapping. But you can't find it. The next morning you overhear co-workers talking about that beatnik episode from Happy Days where they snap instead of clap. You wonder where that dog that used to … Continue reading Coincidences?

the rub

So, at long last, I'm returning to CrossFit. Well, modified CF. The nearest box is an hour away. In the last year and a half since moving I don't miss much, I love this new place, but I can say with sincerity that I do miss CF. Whatever it was in my life, some unnameable … Continue reading the rub

long forgotten, but found

I write all the time. I write in a journal during breaks at work. I scribble on post-it notes and deposit them in my pocket so I won’t forget something that seems important to remember at the time. I thumb text msg.s to myself and capture quotes in apps like Day One on my phone. … Continue reading long forgotten, but found

something must change

None of the things I said I was going to do in November (write 50,000 words), or December (run a 10K), none of those things happened. Not a one. This is unusual for me, or at least it used to be. Maybe not so much anymore. My cup runneth over with projects/goals started but never … Continue reading something must change

Not ‘gonna lie

So, in putting my body into Ketosis, I lost a total of 10 lbs. and my pants fit great. Flash forward two weeks or so, a weekend spent with friends on a boat on a lake with a deck and a fire pit, followed by Halloween and trick-o-treaters in the office, and I'm still down … Continue reading Not ‘gonna lie

Bone Broth Fast – wrap up

Here’s a picture from my morning commute. Today is Day 5 of my fast. As of 5pm tonight it will be 120 hours since I began the fast. During that time I have consumed water, the occasional black coffee, and a bowl of bone broth for dinner each night. That’s it. According to an at-home … Continue reading Bone Broth Fast – wrap up

Bone Broth Rookie

Here's a photo of a barn at dusk on my drive home from work today. As I write this, it is Wednesday night, Day 4 of my Bone Broth Fast. Here's the story: I started fasting on Sunday without knowing how long the fast would last. 5 days seemed like a solid amount of time, … Continue reading Bone Broth Rookie

Good morning.

So, on Sunday I woke up and decided it was time for a change. The new job is going great, the new pooch is a love-bug, and the fall weather right now is stunning. My morning commute has turned into a bit of a meditation: Blue sky, early morning fog over the valley, trees changing … Continue reading Good morning.