F*ck It.

This is my newest and most favorite t-shirt. Pretty much says everything that needs to be said. I love it. I also love GoodReads.com. Especially searching quotes on GoodReads. In line with my mood for today I entered the following text, 'F*ck It' and hit 'Search.' Below are some of my favorite resulting quotes: “You can spend … Continue reading F*ck It.

Open WOD 13.3

If you work hard in CrossFit the change you will see will be within you.

hit the delete button. Open WOD 13.2

You have to take control though, hit the delete button and deposit those paralyzing thoughts in the trash.

Athlete of the Year. Thank you. Open WOD 13.1

So when you actually do get noticed for something so incredibly positive and in your mind not obvious at all... well, it's like being blessed.