Festivus for the Restivus

The Throwdown on Saturday was in short: freaking Inspirational. Like watching the NYC Marathon in person. Standing along the racecourse, calling out the names of perfect strangers, cheering these people on as they pass you by. No matter the pace. You can’t help but to be inspired and think, I want to run in this next year. If going to a marathon and witnessing it in person does not ilicit some form of said emotion, check your pulse, people.  Being a part of the Throwdown, by being handed the responsibility to be one of the judges, only sprinkled pixy dust on my personal state of glee.  Great job to all the athletes.

So, springboarding off of this glee fueld inspiration, and the 90DC, I’ve gone ahead and signed up for Crossfit Festivus. It’s a  nation-wide, one day event, for the beginner to intermediate CF’er. That’s me! At least, I thought it was, until I read the pre-req on the national site:

Novice women
  • less than 6 months CrossFitting
  • Deadlift is under 225lbs
  • 2k row time is 9:30 or more
  • cannot do 5 unbroken pull ups
  • cannot do 20 unbroken double unders
  • cannot do 15 unbroken legit push ups
  • uses scaled weight kettlebells for wods


Intermediate women
  • Longer than 6 months CrossFitting
  • deadlift over 225lbs
  • under 9:30 2k row
  • can do 5 or more unbroken pull ups
  • can do 20 or more unbroken double unders
  • can do 15 or more unbroken legit push ups
  • uses Rx’d weight kettlebells for wods

Festivus is in August. At this point in time I am unable to do a majority of the above-mentioned for Intermediate Women. Except, by August I will have been a member for longer than six months. Which in theory disqualifies me from Novice Women.

Looks like I have some work to do.


“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.”
― Rumi

Has anyone seen my CF Jou Jou? Cause its run away from home and I can’t seem to locate it anywhere. There’s a reward if you find it. Double, if you teach it a lesson in commitment.

Lost that loving feeling, people. Not sure what the problem is. Feel unmotivated. Not scared, or challenged, or anxious, just plain old simple, Meh.

Don’t like this feeling. Think it has a lot to do with the FL vacation, and then the birthday celebrations. On a couple particular Fridays and Saturdays which shall remain nameless, my diet was less than primal. Today, my knees ache, my elbows are swollen, my left shoulder has an inferiority complex, the right has declared a state of anarchy. But I went to the WOD today nonetheless, and will continue to try to hit 5 per week. No rest for the indifferent. Probably another good thing about this 90 Day Challenge. It doesn’t let you quit. Even though you might wonder out loud about quitting, on the internet, where your 90 Day Peeps might read all about it. I’m also guessing, the unhealthy portion of my diet, like the birthday cheesecake, and cheeseburger with fries and beer apres ski on Saturday, are all contributing to my current state of in-equalibirum.


Row 1000m

Completed: in 4:33.


I. AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

20 Thrusters (135/95)

20 Pullups

20 Burpees

Completed: 2 rounds plus 5 Thrusters (at 75lbs.) Ring Pulls Ups.

You simply can’t live in two worlds, uncommitted 100% to either, and expect great things. You’re either in, or you’re out. Half-way equals half-ass. How can you expect stellar things from a less than stellar effort. It’s not possible. When will I ever learn. Enough of this mamby-pamby-ness. Enough.