Wall Climbs.


Part I. Barbell Gymnastics:


5 x 1

*Rest 30-60 seconds between lifts.

Completed: at 65lbs., 75lbs., 85lbs.. Then back to 65lbs. and focused on form.

Part II. Conditioning:

4 Rounds:

2 minutes Max Effort Row for Calories

Rest 1 Minute

1 Minute Max Wall Climbs

Rest 1 Minute

Completed: with an avg. of 32 calories burned per round on the rower. I’m almost able to walk back up to the wall on my hands into a completed handstand pushup. This is great news! At this point I should be able to kick up to a handstand pushup, but have yet to try. Will begin to focus on this.

The only way out is through.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ― Anaïs Nin


I. Row 2k for time

Completed: 8:11. New PR! Hoping this also earned me a trip to the Leaderboard. We will see.

II. 5 Sets:

Max Strict Pullups

15 Burpees

*Rest 1 minute between sets

Completed: Barely. Was tired and simply trying not to hurl.

No one likes Burpees. No one. Okay, maybe someone does. And if it happens to be you, shoot me an email and plead your case. I’m interested.

I do not like burpees. Nay, I think I’m actually afraid of them. One, my burpee execution is dreadfully slow. Most folks are already headed back up while I’m still moving in the downward direction. If anything, doing burpees in a group has taught me to not mind being last because last is where I usually end up. As everyone around me finishes and is standing there waiting for more direction or setting up for their next movement, I’m the lone clap in the distance as my 5 point burpee execution draws to a close. Not making this stuff up. +

Two, burpees simply suck.

So, when I saw tonight’s WOD I thought, ugh. I’m so not in the mood for this. Feeling lackluster. Feeling less than awesome. Feeling slow. Don’t need to be reminded in public. But, the 2K row. This has been on my list of benchmarks that must be revisited! And so off to ACF I went.

On a personal note, I’ve often tried to put into practice the saying, ‘The only way out is through.’ Mostly when it applies to personal moments, relationships, stressful situations, life happenings. Scenarios. Crossfit is taking this to a whole new level. It is teaching me how to physically get comfortable being uncomfortable. To take whatever it is I am afraid of, what scares me most, and dive straight into it head first.

Bring on the burpees, I say!

It may take me longer. But, I’m not going to walk away, I’m not going to not show up. I’m simply going to give it all I’ve got.

Work on your sucks, and the rest will get better too. It is simply the way things work.

The only way out is through.


“It isn’t possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.” ― E.M. Forster


I. Establish a 1RM Back Squat in 15 minutes – Completed: 1RM at 155lbs. PR!

II. 1 minute Max Effort Burpees – Completed: 15 Burpees total. PR!

III. 1 Attempt Max Effort Unbroken Muscle-Ups Completed: practice, practice, practice…

IV. Row 500m – Completed: in 2:38.

End of Summer Throwdown ~ Day 2 of 4

And there will come a time, 
you’ll see, with no more tears.
And love will not break your heart, 
but dismiss your fears.
Get over your hill and see 
what you find there,
With grace in your heart 
and flowers in your hair.

-Mumford & Sons


I. End of Summer Throwdown WOD 2

Team 5k Row

*Partition rowing as needed

Completed: In 19:04. with most awesome partner, John. He kept his pace right around 1:45/meter the entire time. If you row, you know this is fast. Way. I started out around 1:45, but found it difficult to maintain. We broke it up into 750 meter increments, and I ended up somewhere in the neighborhood between 1:58, while John maintained his blistering pace. On total we finished with an averaged 1:54/meter. Knuckle Bump!

II.  Tabata Air Squats

Then onto Strongman! And my weary body said something it rarely ever, if ever says; Deadlifts, oh no. I was tired. But completed the 6 minute AMRAP; 3 Deadlifts (160lbs.) and 3 Keg Press (57lbs.). Lost count on rounds. No matter. Just happy to have participated.

Was thinking since its back to school shopping time, and am loving the Fall weather, why not do some back to WOD shopping, CF style, with a new lifting belt, shoes, wraps, and pair of socks. Yeah. No.


But the shoes, the Inovs. I love those, and its getting close to time to retire the purples. Perhaps on the anniversary. Bring on Day 3.

Rabbit Hole

I don’t know where my head has been. I’m distracted. Diet is off. Holiday weekend, you name it… whatever it is, chances are I’m off chasing it down some futile rabbit hole.


I. 12 Waveload Sets:

Power Snatches Touch-n’-Go (Moderate Weight)

Rest 30 seconds

Handstand Pushups

Rest 30 seconds

Completed: Snatches at 55lbs., 65lbs., 75lbs. The 75lbs. was a struggle, but doing it in waves builds stamina and confidence. Regular pushups.

II. Tabata Rowing (Max Calories)

Completed: total calories burned 58. For all the work, seems, well, futile. Thought would surely burn way more to equate for lungs burning.

Just Jump.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards…You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever – because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.” ― Steve Jobs

I went on vacation. And it was awesome. But now I’m back from vacation. And it’s not so awesome. My diet while on vacation was one of someone who is on vacation. I took a vacation from Paleo. I took a vacation from eating totally healthy. The wheels didn’t totally come off, but there were definitely some speed bumps. And that may be awesome, or not so awesome, depending on how you look at it.

Regardless, I made it back to the triple wide today. And that is, yep, you guessed it, Awesome.

I. Complete 6 rounds:
1 minute – 15 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
1 minute – Row max distance

*Alternate 1 minute bouts of KB Swings and max distance rowing.

*You have 1 minute to get 15 swings, the next minute row for max distance. Alternate this 6 times for a total for 12 minutes.

Completed: with awesome partner, Annie. 35lbs Kettle Bell. 2,310k total distance rowed.

II. 5 Sets:
Max Strict Pullups

Completed: 10, 10, 9, 6, 5. scaled to ring dips.

Do you ever feel stuck in a place that you know deep down to your very core is no longer right for you? Do you ever feel paralyzed because you know you’re stuck, and you’re scared to get unstuck? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to change where you are, even though you know its simply not right for you anymore?

That first step in a new direction is sometimes the very most difficult. But you have to remember, just because it seems difficult, does not mean it cannot be done. It only means you haven’t tried yet. And the more looming, the more daring the leap, the bigger the reward once you’ve cleared it. Because you will clear it.

You just have to jump.

Channeling Awesomeness

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.


I. Snatch – Build To A 1RM

Completed: I love this movement. Keep telling myself need to practice it more. Worked up to 85lbs. But then brought it back down again to 65lbs. to focus on form. Then fell over. Then got back up and tried again. When you nail the movement, really nail it, it’s like channeling pure awesomeness.

II. Clean & Jerk – Build To A 1RM

Completed: Love this movement too. PR’d at 95lbs. Woot! Was working with a girl visiting from DC.  She was like, ‘Is this place always like this? Everyone is so welcoming, and so strong!’ Then she PR’d, highfived me and said, ‘I PR’d because of the energy in here!’ Word.

Spreading the Love.

III. For Time:

Row 250 m

25 Burpees

Row 250 m

25 Burpees

Row 250 m

Completed: 8:39 or thereabouts. Total suck. Rowing is not the issue, people. I can dig in deep on the rower. It’s those burpees. Slayers. Each and every damn one of ya.