Life is a Series of Comebacks

I’m starting up this blog again. There’s certain things I’ve missed: 1. Writing this blog, and 2. Writing about CrossFit. The first time I ever tried CrossFit was in October, 2011. I remember the feel of that first workout in boot… Read More ›


There’s a lesson that needs to be learned although I’m not quite sure it ever will be: it never gets any easier.

do it.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” ― Dr. Seuss


WOD: I. Pausing Front Squats 5×3 *Hold for 3 seconds at bottom of each squat, ass-to-ankles, bounce up from bottom Completed: paying special attention to form, at 85lbs, then 95lbs. II. WOD #1 at 2009 CrossFit Sectionals AMRAP in 12 Minutes: 5 Thrusters (135/95) 10 Burpees… Read More ›

Friday Night Fights

Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the blood moving. Friendly. Damnit. I’m a competitive person. Call it growing up in a large family with lots of older male siblings, I don’t know. But, when the Team WoD’s come… Read More ›


Warm-Up: Row 250 20 Spiderman Lunges 15 Inchworms WOD: I. 7 Sets: 5 Tough Thrusters 10 Burpees (As Fast As Possible) Row 25 Seconds @ 90% Rest 6 Minutes Actively Completed: Thrusters at 55lbs, then 65lbs. for rounds 6 and 7. Average time per round 1:35…. Read More ›