Being proactive

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.” ― Rumi

So, finally decided to have my shoulder checked. Might as well. Even though I already had a pretty good feeling what the outcome would be. Overuse after 40+ years of left-sided neglect. But, always better to be proactive.

To quote the Orthopedic Doctor’s technical description of what’s going on; ‘Basically, you’ve pissed off your left shoulder.’ When I explained I was doing Crossfit, he nodded in silent understanding. Then, after a series of simple tests with each arm, right, then left, pulling and pushing and demonstrating resistance, he said, ‘Wow, you’re really strong.’ To which I said, ‘Can’t touch this!’ And then jumped off the table, breaking out into a rendition of MC Hammer circa 1990, right there in the examining room.

No. Not really.

But he did say I was really strong. And it feels really good to have an Orthopedic Doc say you’re really strong. Especially since I’ve been bemoaning my lack thereof, of said strength. So, its all good.

MRI next week. Just to be sure. But, all in all, I feel good. Was nice to get back to the Triple Wide tonight.


Russian Gymnastics Warm-Up – Day 2


I. Work up to a tough single Snatch

Completed: worked up to 65lbs. Focused mostly on form. Bit of a struggle with the straight jerk over head. As Kevin nicely pointed out, that bar has a long way to go, from dead-lift to snatch over head. He’s right. I don’t mind though. There’s no where else I’d rather be.

II. 5 Sets:

20 Double-Unders

Rest 20 Seconds

Wall Climbs

Rest 20 Seconds

Completed: 9:03 minutes. Scaled of course, since I can’t do double-unders yet, errr… or, wall climbs. Yeah. But, that’s the beauty of CF, there’s a place for everyone.

III. 4 Rounds:

Turkish Get-Ups (Right Arm)


5 Turkish Get-Ups (Left Arm)

5  Burpees

Completed: sort of. Not really. Turkish Get-Ups are complicated. I focused on form, and that’s about it. Then proceeded to the double-wide and decided to finally row 2k for my final benchmark in the 90DC. Even though we’re halfway through. Completed the 2k in 9:27.